The 2012 IECC and What It Means to Texas Homebuilders and HVAC Contractors

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tyler, TX

Cassity Jones Lumber - The Texas A&M Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL) has examined the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code and sent a letter approving it for adoption in Texas to the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO).  Adoption will be statewide and this code, unlike others, affects all homes and multifamily construction in the State, even outside of the city limits.  The new code will mandate better windows, tighter envelopes with blower door testing and reporting.  The a/c ducts are required to be tested and certified tight.  Wall insulation in north Texas increases to R-20.  Also, continuous ventilation with fresh outside air is mandatory.

Come and learn the specifics of all of these changes, your options for framing, insulation and ventilation methods, materials and equipment to meet these new national code standards.

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