The following are links to white papers and published articles authored by Mr. Doug Garrett, magazine interviews of him on building science topics and webinars he has presented. There are also links to web sites related to his professional experience.

White Papers:

– Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) design and sizing is radically different in green, super efficient homes than it is for regular homes. So have many other aspects of construction including combustion safety, indoor air quality, avoiding mold through proper a/c system sizing and humidity control. Mr. Garrett was commissioned to write a White Paper on HVAC design for spray foam insulated and other types of green certified (LEED), super efficient homes including Energy Star V3.0+ homes - -

- This is a link to the webinar given in association with the publication of the above White Paper on spray foam and super efficient home HVAC design and installation. -

- Spray announces Building Performance & Comfort’s new web site. -

Air Conditioning and Heating:

- Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) -Holds their first building-performance forum. Scheduled for October, 2012--- Mr. Garrett gave the closing address and highest rated session at the 2012 ACCA national managers forum. - - - - A follow up article on the conference -

- Home Energy Magazine article addressing imbalanced airflows, a/c & heating duct design issues and their impacts on health, efficiency, and comfort -

- Home Energy Magazine article about how to build a new efficient, comfortable home and achieve healthy home air quality for your family, too. -

- Journal of Light Construction Magazine article on avoiding moisture problems in new homes, vapor barrier use/misuse, how to build a dry, healthy basement, avoiding ice dams and a/c design for comfort. -

- Austin American-Statesman newspaper interview of Mr. Garrett about mold in homes, its causes, construction remedies, the physics of heat, air and moisture that lead to mold and can stop it once and for all. -

- Healthy House Institute article on the reasons homes are healthy or fail to be healthy -

Healthy House Institute article by Mr. Garrett on tightly sealed homes, indoor air quality, moisture control, and ventilation -

- Journal of Light Construction, Costal Contractor Magazine interview about the importance of tightly sealed a/c ducts, healthy indoor air quality, and how duct leaks affect a/c and heating system efficiency and how to do ducts right. -

- Web cast on VoiceAmerica interviewing Mr. Garrett on building science topics -

- Healthy House Institute article by Mr. Garrett on the impacts of leaky heating and cooling ducts on your health, indoor air quality and utility bills and efficiency -

- Healthy House Institute article on choosing an air conditioner- furnace for better indoor air quality, humidity control, comfort and health -

- Home Energy Magazine -“Beware the Closed Bedroom Door”- It may sound like a tabloid news story, but building science researchers have found that simply closing a bedroom door can create serious safety, comfort, and health problems in a home by causing imbalanced air flow and pressures within a home. -

- Today’s Facility Manager Magazine article by Mr. Garrett about managing moisture and humidity in commercial buildings and impacts of ASHRAE Std. 62 ventilation requirements. -

- Home Energy Magazine on duct leakage and repair quoting Mr. Garrett -

Indoor Air Quality:

- Science Daily article reporting on a paper Mr. Garrett presented to the allergy and asthma doctors at their annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) on the impacts of excessive moisture on the respiratory health of occupants and related indoor air quality issues. -

- A link to the PODcast/VODcast of Mr. Garrett presenting a paper to the national conference of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (allergy and asthma doctors) on “Effective Remediation Methods, Presented by: Doug Garrett, CEM”- -

- Article covering a second paper Mr. Garrett presented the following year to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology national conference. -

Trainings and Seminars:

- LaHouse Online Code College Training Center, by Louisiana State University, Extension Service, “Applied Building Science for a Hot and Humid Climate,” an extensive set (several hours) of videos of Mr. Garrett teaching an in-depth daylong seminar in Houston, TX. covering almost every aspect of home construction from a “building as a system approach” - topics include vapor barriers, a/c sizing, a/c duct design, water drainage planes, flashing for windows/doors, sealed crawlspace construction, sealed attic construction, what insulation and why, and much more:

-Link to three training workshops presented at the RESNET National Conference for home energy raters -

  • Crawlspace retrofits for dry, healthy, efficient conditions
  • Resolving home moisture problems including condensation, mold, & damp basements
  • Marketing home performance services from an industry pioneer and leader

- Power Point presentation on building codes and building science from an Affordable Comfort Conference titled, “Finding Common Ground” -

- The Right Way to Sell High Performance Homes and Retrofits, a PowerPoint presentation by Mr. Garrett for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Partnership, SPEER and the Texas A&M Univ. Energy Systems Laboratory. -

- LinkedIn group of Home Weatherization Professionals -

- LinkedIn building science group -


- Home Energy Magazine, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is the leading publication for the building science and high performance home industry. Mr. Garrett currently has served on the Editorial Board for over ten years now. -