Services Offered by Building Performance & Comfort

Training Seminars and Workshops

  • HVAC System Sizing, Duct Design and Equipment Selection to ACCA standards
  • Indoor Air Quality - What it is and how to deliver it to your clients.
  • Basic HVAC maintenance and diagnosis
  • Duct Leakage (MAD AIR) impacts, diagnosis and repair
  • International Energy Conservation Code compliance
  • Moisture related problems (mold, rot, condensation) in homes, businesses crawlspaces, basements and attics and their solutions
  • Sustainable (healthy house) building practices, materials
  • Building testing and commissioning for health, safety, efficiency and durability
  • High utility costs, their causes and the solutions
  • Marketing building performance for fun and profit
  • All areas of the building science field

Fixing Existing Homes and Buildings

  • "CSI" type forensic engineering investigations to diagnose and resolve misbehaving homes
  • Diagnosis of performance problems like mold, high utility bills, a lack of comfort, dust, poor IAQ
  • Airflow measurement, remediation and balancing for comfort and efficiency
  • Formulation of a remediation plan with specific direction to address the root causes of the problem(s), not the symptoms
  • Testing for carbon monoxide, moisture, odors
  • Inspection to find problems before you buy them

High Performance New Homes and Buildings

  • Design of HVAC systems, ducts, air filtering and home ventilation plans to meet the requirements of ASHRAE Std, 62.2
  • Consultations with the owner and their build/design/architect team to resolve any potential problems in the plan, and suggest solutions or improvements. This is most cost effective when done very early in your planning process.
  • Write or review specifications for healthy, green materials
  • Write or review specifications for the energy package including windows, insulation, air sealing, duct construction, water heating and lighting
  • Building commissioning for health, safety, efficiency, durability and quality control

Utilities and Businesses

  • Design of conservation, sustainability and contractor education programs to meet the needs of utilities under deregulation
  • Continuing education for building, remodeling and HVAC associations, private firms and utilities to improve the services, expertise and profitability of their staff or sub contractors in the marketplace
  • Continuing education for architects and build/design professionals
  • Seminars for owners of new homes on how to operate and maintain your new home in a healthy, safe comfortable and efficient manner
  • We can provide a very credible independent third party that shows a good faith effort on the part of your business to resolve a building performance issue. We will investigate to find if there's a problem, and diagnose it if there is. If there is no problem, then I can help to explain the science and resolve the situation by presenting facts and helping the owner understand the situation. I posses good people skills and have helped many businesses find common ground with tenants and homeowners that kept everybody out of court.